May 13, 2016

Today brought us great news from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP): the National Microbiome Initiative (NMI). Look on Twitter for our tweets tagged with #NMI.

National Microbiome Initiative and news coverage

Fact Sheet: Announcing the National Microbiome Initiative – The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Microbes shape our world – and a new White House initiative will figure out how – Rachel Feltman – The Washington Post

Obama administration to launch microbiome initiative, heeding scientists’ calls – David Nather – STAT News

The White House Launches the National Microbiome Initiative: Half a billion dollars are being pledged to study the microbes in humans, crops, soils, oceans, and more – Ed Yong – The Atlantic

Pleasantly surprised by the National Microbiome Initiative – Jonathan Eisen – The Tree of Life

New microbiome center to combine UChicago, Marine Biological Laboratory, Argonne expertise – EurekAlert


Bioinformatics for the Microbiome – Stanford – Friday May 27th, with talks by Rob Knight, Ami Bhatt, Susan Holmes, Tomer Altman, Justin Sonnenberg, Sharon Greenblum, Ben Callahan and more.

Pint of Science Festival, May 23-25, San Francisco: Science talks in the finest watering holes of the Bay Area. Several microbiology talks!

Time is Running Out for “Culture as Medium” exhibit at Baltimore Under Ground Science Space (BUGSS) – Anne M. Estes – Mostly Microbes

Festival of Genomics – 27-29 June 2016 Boston

General microbiome

Toward a Predictive Understanding of Earth’s Microbiomes to Address 21st Century Challenges – Martin J. Blaser – mBio

“Every Gene Is Everywhere but the Environment Selects”: Global Geolocalization of Gene Sharing in Environmental Samples through Network Analysis – Marco Fondi – Genome Biology and Evolution

Pregnancy and birth

News: Antibiotics, gut bugs and the young – Hilary Browne – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Human skin microbiome

Cross your legs before reading this one: Genital anaerobic bacterial overgrowth and the PrePex male circumcision device, Rakai, Uganda – Cindy M. Liu -The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Human gut microbiome

Gut microbiota in early pediatric multiple sclerosis: a case−control study – H. Tremlett – European Journal of Neurology

Review: Dumpster Diving in the Gut: Bacterial Microcompartments as Part of a Host-Associated Lifestyle – Christopher M. Jakobson – PLOS Pathogens

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

The Sphagnum microbiome: new insights from an ancient plant lineage – Joel E. Kostka – New Phytologist

Bioinformatics and metagenomics

PhySortR: a fast, flexible tool for sorting phylogenetic trees in R – Timothy G. Stephens – PeerJ

Microbes in the news
Is a Disrupted Gut Microbiome at the Root of Modern Disease?—with Dr. Justin Sonnenburg – Chris Kresser – Revolution Health Radio

Fatal attachment: How pathogenic bacteria hang on to mucosa and avoid exfoliation – EurekAlert

This MIT professor is using bee poop to map an invisible world – Melia Robinson – TechInsider

Microbes and art

ASM Agar Art 2016 People’s Choice voting – vote for the best contribution.

Science, publishing, and career

Top Medical Journals Give Women Researchers Short Shrift – Lauren Silverman – NPR

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